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Dr. Bose Yalamanchi is a leader in innovative cosmetic surgery and has dedicated his life in the field of medical science. He brings forth over 40 years to his practice, making him one of the most skilled and knowledgeable doctors of his time. His practice uses the latest medical technology including fraxel lasers, thermage, and zerona lasers.

Dr. Yalamanchi specializes in breast augmentation and reduction, facial cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty, neck and face lifts, Smart Lipo procedures, and the latest "BODY BY BOSE" Mini tummy tuck.

Introduced over 20 years ago, the Luxurious Skincare Division provides beauty and spa treatments, including a full line of cosmetics, skincare products and injectibles.


11334 Wiles Rd

Coral Springs, FL 33076


Call (954) 344-4555